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Monday, March 26, 2012

Representation to the Secretary, DOPT, New Delhi submitted by Confederation of All India Central Government Stenographers Association (CAICGSA)

Dated 23rd March -2012
The Secretary, Department of Personnel & Training
Government of India
Room No.112, North Block
New Delhi-110001

Respected Sir,

Sub : Pay parity for Stenographers working in non-secretariat offices with - Central Secretariat Stenographers Services and change of nomenclature - reg.
Ref:- Our letter dated 19th December 2011 (Copy enclosed for ready ref. pls)

In continuation of my letter dated 19th December 2011, I on behalf of the Members of the Confederation of All India Central Government Stenographers Associations (Stenographers working in non-secretariat Central Government Offices) request your goodself to kindly consider our genuine demands of pay parity with the Central Secretariat Stenographers under the Principle of “equal pay for equal work” with reasons and justifications.

It is pertinent to note that the modes of recruitment of the Stenographers are one and the same in Subordinate as well as in Central Secretariat Services. It is through a common competitive examination conducted by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), Govt of India, on an All India basis. The pay scale is the same for Secretariat and non-Secretariat service at entry grade. Further it is nowhere mentioned in the notice issued by SSC at the time of recruitment that the pay structure will be fixed at different scales of pay depending on the place of posting i.e. Central Secretariat or Subordinate offices.

The VI CPC, recommended full parity of scales of Subordinate Stenographers with CSSS, but the same has not been given effect in the right sprit and will. This adds more injustice to the already injured Stenographers’ category working in Subordinate units. However, few Departments in subordinate Services were extended the benefit of Central Secretariat parity.

Being “COMMON CATEGORY” fixing different Pay Scales based on the place of work is against the principle of ‘Equal pay for Equal work’. Sir, as you will kindly observe, the present monetary difference is a negligible one for the Department to cause justice – but it will boost the morale of this hard working people.

We request your goodself to kindly bestow your active consideration and grace on the above issue without further delay, removing the grievance.


In addition to the above submissions, we request that the Cadre of Stenographers be restructured with new nomenclature, which is already recommended by the VI CPC. The duties of Stenographers demands change of nomenclature:-

a) Duties relating to Departmental Promotion Committees till the preparation of minutes of the DPC;
b) Maintenance of Confidential Reports of all the Officials ;
c) Attending to Advisory Committee and other important Meetings attached to the respective
department with follow up action regarding action proposed and collection of implementation reports to be put up to the next meeting;
d) Assisting in Departmental enquiries/Assisting in Court/ CBI cases relating to administrative and other matters.

The Stenographers are actually working as the Assistants to the Sr. Executives in their respective Departments and shouldering half of their official burdens besides the routine nature of duties. Hence, the nomenclature of Stenographers may kindly be changed as follows.

Existing Grades                                 New Nomenclature sought for
Steno Grade-II (Entry Grade)               Executive Assistant
Private Secretary                                  Executive Secretary
Sr.Private Secretary                             Sr.Executive Secretary
PPS (now in CSS only)                        Prncipal Executive Secretary/Officer

CAICGSA on behalf of the Stenographers working in various Central Government Departments in Subordinate Services, most fervently pray to your good self to favourably consider our legitimate demand and cause to issue orders effecting Central Secretariat parity with effect from 01.1.2006 immediately and extend natural justice.

We shall be grateful for your affirmative response.

Thanking you immensely,

Yours faithfully,
(M. Harisuthan)
Secretary General, CAICGSA


Sowri Rajan said...

It is better we can give the equation in respect of designation and Grade pay in comparison to CSSS and field units. I once again insist that don't go for change of nominculture. Retain whatever the designation which CSSS is having, so that we claim parity with the CSSS. One issue at a time. Too many issues may deviate the crux of the problem.

Chandra Mouli said...

AS our respected Sowri Rajan suggested, it would be better if our problems are taken up in phased manner. But I feel that change of nominclature may not be a hurdle. This is only my opinion.

- G. Chcandramouli,
Steno to SPOs, Anantapur (AP)

A.R. Srinivasa Rao said...

What is the suggested nomenclature for Grade I Stenographer?

A.R. Srinivasa Rao said...

At the very beginning I thank Mr. Sowri Rajan for his unstinted efforts to throw light on the problems faced by our Stenographer Cadre. As commented by Sh Rajan, we should not bother about the nomenclature especially when we are fighting for complete parity with CSSS. Here, I take an opportunity to mention the following, already discussed and long pending, problems of our cadre.

1. Restructuring: The last restructuring of stenographer cadre was, perhaps, ordered in 1999. After that till date nothing is done to restructure our cadre. In between restructuring of other cadres is initiated / completed. This is a gross injustice and we have to fight to rectify the same.

Counting of Service from joining in Grade III: Another important issue is counting of seniority right from joining in Grade III. In most of the circle people are not getting promotions even after working for so many years. Whereas in other circle after completion of 5 to 8 years of service they are given promotion. In my case it took 17 years to get the promotion to Grade II, whereas some people in other circles got Grade II in just 5 to 8 years service. This creates frustration among seniors where he will remain a Grade III Stenographer after some 17 to 20 years service, whereas a new recruit who joins service and within no time he will get Grade II and so on. I request the AIPSA to concentrate on this point to rectify the anomaly.

3. Meetings with DG Posts: Regular meetings of the Union with DG Posts should be ensured. It is observed that the requests of the Union for meeting with DG Posts is not materialised after repeated reminders by the union. It is a matter of serious concern that the request of the union is not acceded to and not even acknowledged. This is quite contrary to the rights of a Service Union. As far as my knowledge goes, the correspondence of the Union should be duly acknowledged by the authority and time should be allocated as per the administrative convenience, but they cannot simply ignore them or remain silent. AIPSA is requested to take the issue with all seriousness.
4. Gradation List: There was a proposal to prepare a Gradation List of all circles but the issue seems to be forgotten by all. Necessary action may be taken up by contacting all the circle secretaries and insisting them to submit the details immediately.

I request to kindly take up the above long pending issues immediately in the larger interest of our Stenographers.

Yours faithfully,
A.R. Srinivasa Rao
Stenographer Grade II
O/o the SSPOs, Koraput Division, Jeypore (K)

A.R. Srinivasa Rao said...

Also the issue of grant of additional increments for possessing higher speed is yet to be done. Our representations in this regard are lying unattended at Circle Office since last two years. When I addressed AIPSA i was replied that this issue will be looked into. But years passed nothing is done. Please address Directorate for immediate implementation of the said order

Lalitha said...

Sir, I could remember very well that during the meeting held at Chennai, the topic on change of nomenclature of Stenographer cadre as per VI PC was discussed. Our GS has finally told that our main demand would be pay parity with CSSS. He further told that we would demand the nomenclature would also be as that of CSSS cadre i.e. Grade D, Grade C Grade B and A etc. As the mode of recruitment/nature of job and duties are similar in both the cadres, our demand would be no discrimination in Pay as well as nomenclature. Then only, there would be parity in all other aspects with CSSS to field staff. This is my suggestion.

A. Sinha, PS to PMG(BD), Ranchi said...

I went through the remarks of Sh. A.R. Srinivasa Rao on the reminder
letter to Secty. DOPT by Secty. General CAICGSA. He has given remark that in some circles, Grade III stenographers have got promotion to Grade II within five to eight years. I want to know that is it within the rulling to get promotion from Grade - III to II in five years?

If yes, I want to know the Circles in which Stenos have been promoted
to Grade II from Grade III in five years. Please help me in this

A.R. Srinivasa Rao said...

Dear Shri Sinha. It is a fact that people with 5-8 years service is given promotion to grade II. It will not be fair on my part to name the person but this happened in "Assam Circle" where promotion to Grade II is given immediately after completion of 5 years. this happened three years back. The eligibility service as per the recruitment rules at that time was perhaps 7 or 8 years.